Our Services

The company is providing following services:-

  1. Guarding services.
  2. Providing of PSO and bodyguards.
  3. House keeping services.
  4. Training to security personnel.
  5. Personal protection consultancy.
  6. Providing parking facilities at institution.
  7. Office boy.


  1. Our guards are trained to handle access control and parking of vehicles.
  2. As an expert in occupational security, we can identify the majar requirement of security and provide custom-made security programme.
  3. We study the role of safety and security with in organization and solve related problems.
  4. Our personnel in uniform are most discipline dedicated and available under all circumstances.
  5. Our staff is suitably trained in fire fighting, and sabotage, first aid etc.
  6. We maintained close liaison with local govt, authorities to ensure smooth functioning of the security programme provide by us.
  7. We provide guard of required caliber and ensure that the guards are.
  8. A. At least 10th class passes.
    B. Minimum height 5.6 inches tall.
    C. Physically fit.
    D. Minimum age 18 year.

  9. We conduct regular checks during day and night to ensure efficiency.
  10. Regular on the jobs training is provide at sites to apprise the guard With letestthreat perception and possible preventative measure.


  1. A concern that exists on one sound principal: we are in the business to Help customers with services, then just services.
  2. A concern that provides those services by working closely with custom- er and satisfying their specific requirements.
  3. A concern that has understood service is an essential and integral part of the product quality.
  4. A Concern that nurtures creativity and fosters open communications.
  5. A concern that explores new avenues and set standers on a global scale.
  6. A concern that affirms that very ordinary employee is capable of doing Extra ordinary things.
  7. A concern that strongly believes in its corporate and socio credo: enhan- Cing the quality of life in as many ways as possible.